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Occupy Carson City (CC in 99%)

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Occupy Carson City
Carson City  Nevada
United States
October 15, 2011

Occupy Carson City

Carson City NV US
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map marking the location of Occupy Carson City

On the side of REAL PEOPLE’S Rights!

Mission Statement: “We are part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and we peacefully assemble to stand up for the 99% in order to regain our livelihoods, futures, a healthy society and a functional government that benefits the majority of citizens rather than the 1% elite.”

We felt it was important to have an Occupy movement in the beautiful capital of Nevada which is Carson City, part of the Lake Tahoe region. We meet weekly and organize bi-monthly events and work with other progressive groups in our region. We do not advocate anarchy, but seek to improve our democracy with a healthy balance of properly regulated capitalistic and socialistic elements. We commit ourselves to peaceful demonstrations and to non-violent civil disobedience when needed in the heroic spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi. We are a mix of all ages and multiple generations.

General Assembly: 

We alternate our formal GA meetings with Open Discussions every Monday at Comma Coffee café at 312 S. Carson Street across from the Legislature downtown. We have bi-monthly events including a demonstration every 1st Monday on the public sidewalks in front of the Legislature at 401 S. Carson Street with music, megaphones and signs such as:

"Honk for the 99%" (We get lots of honks and wave to drivers and pedestrians)
"People Before Profits"
"Stop Corp Greed"
"Tax Wall St. Trade"
"Jail the Banksters!"
"Save American Homes"
"Green Energy Now!"
"There is no Planet B!"