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Winston-Salem  North Carolina  27101
United States
October 16, 2011

Occupy Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem NC US
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map marking the location of Occupy Winston-Salem

Occupy Winston-Salem stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters across the globe as a non-violent, leaderless movement of Americans united to fight the corporate abuse of our democracy, and to take the reins of power away from profit-driven interests and assert our rightful place in the political process. We serve not only as a movement of protest, but as a means to liberate Americans from the shackles of corporate greed. Our members are employed and jobless, liberal and conservative, and comprised of all colors and faiths. We do not exclude anyone, as we are all suffering under the top-heavy power structure of the 1%.

A true and fair representation of democracy; of, by, and for The People. Corporations are not people and they do not speak for us.

The end of the corporatization of our political system.

An economy that places direct emphasis on building American infrastructure and creating jobs within our borders.

Equal access to education and healthcare for all Americans.

Fair lending and banking practices to help increase home ownership and our ability to maintain and pass down wealth.