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Springfield  Missouri
United States

Occupy Springfield MO

Springfield MO US
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map marking the location of Occupy Springfield MO

Occupy Springfield is an open group committed to non-violent resistance. We envision a brighter future and work together cooperatively to bring about positive change. We work through direct democracy and consensus processing as we strive to make our meetings welcoming to all, with a special emphasis on new attendees who wish to learn more about our group and the movement. Let us inspire one another; let us inspire our community.

We have come together as a community because we agree about one fact; financial inequality and rampant greed are affecting and threatening every aspect of our lives including:

• Lack of representation of the people’s will in all levels of government- local, state, and federal.
• Deterioration of our constitutional and civil rights
• Student loan burden
• Lack of jobs
• Healthcare disparities
• Financial discrimination.
• Home foreclosures and farmland takeover
• Pollution and harmful products (a form of consumer fraud)
• Lack of bank regulation
• Corruption
• Unfair trade agreements