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Terre Haute  Indiana
United States

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Occupy Terre Haute

Terre Haute IN US
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I was looking at this occupation on facebook and there has not been any activity or updates from them since January, on either the group page or the official FB page. Their proboard page is dead, with only one post being made this month. I am beginning to wonder if this Occupation is still in existence.

Note from Inga: I contacted the last listed Admin for the FB account in a private message and received no response. I've just now sent a request to the Occupation website (4/2/12) and will update in a few days. The Twitter account listed is 404 when I checked.

6/1/12 Rechecked the web for Occupy Terre Haute and there is a smattering of activity here and there. Like so many of the Occupations, this one is still active in it's own way.

map marking the location of Occupy Terre Haute