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102 North Eastern Ave.
Bartlett  Illinois  60103
United States
November 5, 2011

Occupy Bartlett

Bartlett IL US
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Inga Jensen

This is more of a proposed Occupation rather than an existing one. I could find no information to support any actions or activities so I contacted occupybartlett@gmail.com and let them know that when/if they have GA's or actions, we will reconsider a listing.

Response from OccupyBartlett: Frank Menolascino ✆ occupybartlett@gmail.com
2:03 PM (11 minutes ago)

to me
Yes you are correct. It is a proposed occupation, trying to get it started. We are trying to connect with Occupy Elgin and Occupy Naperville to get started. So I will report back when we get things moving. It was not clear if we already had to be established before being listed. Just trying to find supporters.

Thanks for occupying.

6/1/12 revisited Occupy Bartlett and found a recent event May 17 as well as activity on the Facebook pages, Occupation was published to the directory.

map marking the location of Occupy Bartlett

A suburban occupation associated with Occupy Chicago. Whose town... OUR TOWN.