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Newport Road at Haun Road
NW corner @ 76 gas station
Menifee  California  92584
United States
October 9, 2011

Occupy Menifee

Menifee CA US
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map marking the location of Occupy Menifee

In Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Menifee begins.

We unequivocally embrace all people without exception. Absolute respect.
We recognize and embrace the equality of our diversity. We resist learned prejudices.
We share burdens by taking initiatives to fill roles and relieve members.
We encourage all voices.
We discuss ideas, NOT PEOPLE, and disagree without being disagreeable.
We avoid labeling and targeted profanity.
We maintain a positive expression of the “message” by not engaging unstable or volatile people.
We do not accept physical or verbal violence.
We avoid conflict through active listening and awareness of body language and emotional responses.
We seek to grow from our mistakes; conflicts within Occupy Menifee are opportunities to learn.
We are either all leaders or none of us are leaders.
Make friends! Make an effort to get to know people and HAVE FUN!

General Assembly: 

Fridays, 4 pm to 7 pm