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Lancaster  California
United States

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Occupy Antelope Valley

Lancaster CA US
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Heather (not verified)

Wow I didn't even know about this page and my e-mail is on it. lol. Today is May 1st and most of the AV occupiers are going to LA to be a part of the big event there. I feel that buying the ticket kinda goes against the days main purpose, to halt profits for a day. Well also, I am not good with big crowds especially when I don't know the area. But I didn't go to either of my jobs today and I intend to spend no money today. I am very interested in this movement but I get concerned that the focus is becoming skewed. I hope that the focus to free our government from it's corporate slavery is not lost or buried. I would like to start an educational day where we can get together and discuss different topics in a public venue but I haven't been able to secure a good location with power so we could watch videos. If anyone has Ideas please add a comment. My e-mail is overloaded so I don't always get things quickly that are sent there.

map marking the location of Occupy Antelope Valley