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Occupy Huntsville marching

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Big Spring Park
Huntsville  Alabama  35805
United States
October 7, 2011

Occupy Huntsville

Huntsville AL US
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Occupy Huntsville is not affiliated with Chase Bank.

map marking the location of Occupy Huntsville

Occupy Huntsville began with a large meeting for "Feed The fish" Oct 5, 2011. It has had a GA every week since that day until Aug 2012 for a few weeks was changed to THUR. It is Now back on Sundays at Huntsville Madison county library. Occupy Huntsville has participated in solidarity actions of OWS all along and made their own local protest and actions as applicable. Occupy Huntsville continues to give voice to our local activist in politics and social. Occupy Huntsville has on and off established Occupation's but is currently not.

General Assembly: 

GAs every Sunday at 2.