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October 15, 2011

Occupy Helsingborg

Helsingborg SE
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map marking the location of Occupy Helsingborg

We stand for a united society of equality, humanity and integrity of the pillar. In today's society, businesses and politicians held company, and those who suffer are the citizens. We want to strengthen the individual freedom and integrity in relation to businesses and current business practices. In our time, business methods become equivalent to driving over the individual in favor of corporate dividends, in our time used tax money to invest in venture capital funds, with profits going to private pockets, in our time, pensioners curtsy and say thanks for the crumbs from the table , in our day is young people absolutely last, only the strong survive, the rest make do as best they can. It is our job to remind people that they have real power, the politicians are really servants of the people, that those who govern do so with the people's best interests in mind, that an awakened population can not possibly be controlled by the few. We are many, we stand united, we are Occupy Helsingborg. Talk page in the forum