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69 Rothschild
  Tel Aviv
October 10, 2011

Beit Ha'am Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv IL
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map marking the location of Beit Ha'am Tel Aviv

Beit Ha'am is a home for all. It began as an open building to host and sustain the charged energy from the summer 2011 encampments throughout Israel. It has since become a hub for thoughtful activity; an autonomous space that pursues peace and social justice for all people.

As a public center for creative political enrichment, conversations, lectures, workshops, screenings, receptions, exhibitions, and more, take place regularly, and often spontaneously. Beit Ha'am strives to be but the first of many open homes in this country that serve its people with love and devotion, until all of Israel becomes a good home that values its inhabitants and respects its neighbors.

Built by the people for the people, the light in its windows shine to welcome all.

Yes, we are physically occupying this location
Occupying 24 hours a day
Power is available
Food and water are available
Sanitation is on site