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Place d'Youville
Quebec City  Quebec
October 15, 2011

Occupy Quebec City

Quebec City QC CA
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map marking the location of Occupy Quebec City

We are student (s), worker (is) s and unemployed (is) s. We are parents, young people and retired people. We are of all trades, of all nationalities and religions. WE ARE 99% OF HUMANITY!

October 15, 2011, we will take to the streets and take control of public spaces worldwide. From America to Asia, from Africa to Europe, we are mobilizing right now to demand our rights and demand a true democracy. In our societies, decision-making power in the hands of a governing elite totally immune to the will of the majority and completely disconnected from reality, enriching themselves at the expense of human lives and the degradation of our environment. This intolerable situation has to stop. Unite our voices and we will understand that we are not common merchandise in their hands. October 15, we descend into the street to initiate a global change.

It is time to unite to deal, for us appropriating public space. It is time for them to listen to us. Peoples around the world will hear their voices on October 15!

For several months, thousands of people rioted in the world to enforce their human rights. Arab countries, Greece, students from Chile and England, the outraged Spain, and many others have started a movement. Pioneering this movement, the people of Iceland took control of its democracy by rewriting a new constitution in 2010.

Most recently, September 17, 2011, hundreds of people gathered on Wall Street in the heart of New York's financial district. A week later, it was clear that this occupation was only part of a larger whole. Now, worldwide, tens of thousands of citizens (do) s are involved in similar pursuits local. October 1, more than 200 major cities on four continents who have organized themselves with social media to generate an unprecedented move. Today, October 7, 2011, at a time when the manifesto is written, more than a thousand communities are part of the movement. These gatherings are the beginning of a collective dialogue where we can, together, write the next chapter in our history, the listing of a real participatory democracy rather than oligarchy unfair and unacceptable that the paradigm is in place for centuries.

We all, 99% of the world population, will unite on October 15th to end it. We are neither naive nor ignorant. We have no single application. If the world's problems could be reduced to a single issue, we would not need to do so.
Ask yourself if you voted for your life to be in the hands of less than 1% of us, if you voted for the war, corruption, pollution, media censorship or economic depression. Clearly it is time to regain control. Our illusion of freedom and democracy, our gilded cage, must undergo a major change, global and unprecedented.

On 15 October 2011 and each following Saturday, we take care Quebec. As the movement gains momentum, our demands and our actions will change accordingly.

We invite everyone to join us in Quebec City at 13:30, at Place d'Youville, a central location in the city, frequented by people from all walks of life. Come join your opinion and YOUR requests.

Charter movement Occupy Together:

  1. Adopt a non-violent discipline, no matter the situation. Violence in all its forms has no place, whether physical or verbal. Through dialogue and communication, the best ideas are gaining ground.
  2. The police are part of 99% and therefore should be treated as such.
  3. This message needs to be unified across agencies and bystanders. There must be consistency in the message and claims that are issued. The participant (s) should know as much as possible and share these claims.
  4. There will be a coherent long term strategy, not just tactics and actions unconnected.
  5. We must keep in mind the wider audience which we address. The objective is to rally people to the cause, not alienate them.
  6. The movement works by Quebec deal direct democracy.
  7. This movement will be inclusive and positive. We therefore call for the respect of all.