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Victoria Square
Montréal  Quebec
October 15, 2011

Occupy Montreal (Occupons Montréal)

Montréal QC CA
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map marking the location of Occupy Montreal (Occupons Montréal)


In order to promote the participation of people from different social mobilization and a concerted movement, occupy Montreal (Movement of 15 October) says the following commitments are our foundation for dialogue and action.

The context

We initially mobilized by expressing our outrage through movement Occupy, locally, Montreal deal 'because:
mechanisms and current economic principles undermine the dignity of persons and causing growing injustices;
research blind benefit the environment degrades at a rate that threatens the life,
freedom of thought and democratic life of the '99% 'of the people are threatened by the influence of '1%'.

The objective of commitments

We now want to go further by adopting individual commitments having a collective impact. By agreeing to these values, we commit to change at the same time as we change the world, because the two go hand in hand.
"In order to participate in collective changes now underway, is personally voluntarily and that I pledge to do my best for:

HUMANITY : Developing the link that unites me with others and seek value in human relations rather than goods; ENVIRONMENT : Respect living beings, their habitats and consume responsibly; KNOWLEDGE : Me educate and encourage the exchange knowledge; LIABILITY : Cultivating a spirit of conciliation in my relationships and communications with others; JUSTICE : To speak and act out against the injustices; INCLUSION : Me open to the diversity of beings and respect differences; NONVIOLENCE : Defending my values ​​with dignity without falling into the trap of oppression; TRANSPARENCY : Being honest and not accept the lies and corruption; HEALTH : Take care of me; EMPATHY : Recognize the feelings of others and reflect; HUMILITY : Recognize that I can be wrong. "

It is the involvement of people who will make a difference
By adopting these behaviors, we want to help change that will bring a more just society. To stop the actions of a minority of people who keep control of key resources of our planet, it is necessary to have a massive participation of people in a democratic mobilization. Because every bit counts!

Montreal deal aims, through this text, to raise awareness that will benefit the whole world and future generations.
Moving Forward!