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St. James Park
69 Yonge Street
PO Box 17076
Toronto  Ontario  M5E 1Y2

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69 Yonge St. PO Box 17076 Toronto, ONT M5E 1Y2

October 15, 2011

Occupy Toronto

Toronto ON CA
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An Occupier (not verified)

Hello - The website, the top Facebook page (Occupy Toronto Market Exchange) and top twitter page (@OccupyToronto) are correct as "official" Occupy Toronto pages but much on this site isn't. I don't believe Occupy Bay Street is an actual assembly of people (just a facebook/twitter page of a few people who come to OT events) but they are pretty good and active. The ancient order and ddpstudios have nothing to do with Occupy Toronto. Please remove this spam.

Pance (not verified)

Hi, we lost the ownership to our old domain name occupyto.org. Can you please change it to our new one: www.otga.ca

In Solidarity form Toronto.

map marking the location of Occupy Toronto

www.otga.ca -- NON-VIOLENTLY sending a message to the 1% worldwide! Canada too is under attack by corporate interests and the ultra-rich. We call on the 99% to show support for Occupy Wall Street! - Occupy Toronto Market Exchange

Mission: To bring awareness of fundamental inequalities and injustices endemic to our society, that can only be changed through a total restructuring of society at the systemic level.