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705.698.5103 / 705.665.6997
Sudbury  Ontario

Occupy Sudbury

Sudbury ON CA
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map marking the location of Occupy Sudbury

Occupy Sudbury is a local representation of the global Occupy Everywhere movement. It is a response to the many failings of the current system. We have organized because we reconize that justice and social change has never come from the top, but is only attained through struggle and activism from the bottom. Occupy is a participatory movement, lead by the power of consensus and general assemblies.

Occupy struggles for a more democratic and inclusive politics. Democrasy derives it's legitimacy from the people, but corporations do not seek the consent of the people to extract wealth from them, or from their land or from the Earth. No democracy is possible when the political process is determined by private corporate power. Democracy must extend into all spheres of our lives including our worplaces, universities, schools and communities.

Occupy struggles for a democratic, particiatory economics. We reconize that an increasing number of people in the world are becoming a surplus humanity; more and more people are becoming unnecessary to the profit-driven system and are being excluded from it. in the West the middle and working classes are being eroded and poverty is rising, while in the emerging world development brings prosperity for some, but disposetion and exclusion for a great many others. The politics of austerity are being pushed against the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized around the world. A world in which there is no solidarity and cooperation is one that is unsustainable.

Occupy struggles for a sustainable future. An economic system that is infinitely expanding, and that produces growing inequality will deplete and destroy the finite ecology on which it depends. the pursuit of private, short-term gain is causing dire warning about human-made climate change to go unheeded by the world's government - especially the Canadian government. Sustainability can only be achieved through justice.

Occupy reconizes that colonization of the First Nations' land is not just a set of historical events; it is an ongoing process that is closely connected to the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the 1%. Colonization has lead to the dispossession and marginalization of the Indigenous peoples around the world and we are commited to a process of decolonization. Occupy also recognizes that the developing nations of this world have the right to benifit their populations equally with the developed nations of the world. Aboriginal rights and environmental justice must be upheld if humanity is to survive.

We support stuggles against poverty and austerity around the globe, from Greece to the Arab World. in Ontario we support the Raise the Rates campaign to dramatically raise social assistance and minimum wage and to stop the slashing of the special dietary supplement for those on social assistance.

As a society we seem to lack responsibility; quite literally our ability to respond. This is because we do not see ourselves as individuals and groups who are responsible. It is clear that major change is needed; that our system is broken, and that this system is, ultimately, a product of human labour. Thus we have the power to respond to the injustices in our societies and to re-make the system that is causing them.

We, as individuals, in our hearts and in our minds, need to reassess what is important to us and what we value. We must acknowledge that we all contributed to the problems we ourselves face; either directly through our actions, or indirectly through our inaction. Lend your ear to the voices of the forgotten, act on your decent impulses, fight for change, and exercise your response- ability!

We are the 99%