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Victoria Park
Campbell Park
London  Ontario
October 15, 2011

Occupy London ONT

London ON CA
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The phone number needs to be removed for now. No one currently involved knows who has that number. As well, mysafehome should be removed as well. Thanks.

Inga Jensen

Removed: Phone number, Mysafehome email and Twitter information

map marking the location of Occupy London ONT

Occupy London is a peaceful grassroots movement that is dissatisfied with the current political and economic systems in Canada and around the world. We are an independent branch of, and endorse, the same values and philosophy as the Occupy Wall Street movement. We have mobilized to find solutions to the difficulties we face in our society today.

Occupy London stands in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the European Indignants movements. We seek and work to create major change to our economic systems which are destroying our businesses, social liberties, and environment. We are, through entirely non-violent means, sending a message to the financial sector worldwide that banks exist to serve us, not the other way around, and that the practices of speculation and fractional reserve banking have created a massive inequality and are no longer valid systems.

We believe that current monetary policies enacted through globalization and privatization are unacceptably harming the majority, and that monetary policy should be created to help these very people. Our target is to change these systems to help the 99% of the population, instead of just the 1% that they currently benefit.

Everyone is encouraged to join the movement, this movement affects us all.

Who are we?
We are citizens, professionals, students, activists, parents, unemployed workers, teachers, professors, voters, business owners, and the underrepresented of the 99%. We are interested in separating money from politics and improving the country’s infrastructure to fix healthcare, education, environment and the economy.

Together we can shift power away from the top 1% to be inclusive of all people.