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Confederation Park
Kingston  Ontario
October 15, 2011

Occupy Kingston ONT

Kingston ON CA
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map marking the location of Occupy Kingston ONT

Who are we? We are the people; we have come here freely as volunteers. Why are we here? We are here because we want a new society that gives more priority to life than to economic interest
Occupy Kingston is an Solidarity Federation & Network (SolFed). based in the occupied traditional Mississaugas First Nation site called Katarokw currently known as Kingston, Ontario. calling on bodies to help us protest corporate injustice, loss of personal freedom, and abuse of our community caused by capitalism, religion and fascism. Occupy is happening all over the world. We are a connection to resources of information. We are committed to an inclusive, safe and welcoming space, to addressing issues of oppression and discrimination, and to creating an environment where all the community can be heard and can meaningfully participate. We are also committed to safeguarding our collective well-being – including safety from interpersonal violence and any potential police violence. We agree with most of the Action Points put forward by the Occupy Toronto General Assembly.
The trademark encampment tactic of Occupy, has been a resounding success in its goals. It has united people and created constructive dialogue that did not exists before. It has assisted people in the first steps of breaking out of the corporate conditioned individual consumerist paradigm. Occupy Kingston was one of the last Occupy encampments to be evicted, lasting until December 6th, 2011.
Since October 15th 2011, we have commenced many projects and actions for Kingston, such as awareness on prisons and military industrial complex in collaboration with EPIC, we have founded the Open Source Action Centre, have been given responsibility of duties at Food Not Bombs Kingston, and have created Occupy Gardens Kingston, which focuses on food and water security. We have hosted many events in confederation Basin, such as weekly Movie Nights, Performance and Poetry Nights, Astronomy in the Park, and many others including workshops and teach-ins.