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Government building
Baker St.
Nelson  British Columbia
October 15, 2011

Occupy Nelson

Nelson BC CA
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map marking the location of Occupy Nelson

We stand in Solidarity with the thousands worldwide.
In a world where over 50% of the worlds population lives on less than 2 dollars a day, and where less than 1% of the worlds population owns the rights and access to over 90% of the worlds resources, while degrading the environmental integrity of our planet to the point of not withstanding life within a hundred years.... One thing is for sure - Something has to happen, and we're staying here to tell everyone that.

Leaderless , Non-Violent , Against corporate greed. Direct horizontal democracy put into practice. Help us call for a separation of corporation and state. We are here to educate the public where the mainstream has failed to report and present information on issues we all face that target the root causes of our financial crisis, economic stability, social atmosphere and general quality of life.

This page was created for citizens gathering on October 15th 2011 in Nelson BC to join and in support of world-wide protests against corporate greed and for a sustainable future with a healthy environment.

Occupy Nelson became a hugely successful event on October 15th in Nelson , which saw close to a 1000 people in the streets and the public square , this in a town of close to 10,000 people. An amazing turnout. There were speakers , open-mic , entertainers , dancing , food , movies and an uplifting march/parade that would rival any in Nelson history.

After the world-wide day of solidarity protest on Saturday October 15th , a group of activists took the torch from the original organizers and began a true occupation of the Government Building of Nelson , which also happens to be city hall.

The Occupation is on-going as we speak, and looking to further cooperation and diplomacy with the Mayor, City Council and community on how we can go about creating change in our community. The act of staying and occupying the space stands to act as a reminder that we cant just go "back to normal" or back to "business as usual" for this is a group that has taken the time to see just how little time we have left before things get much worse for everyone. We have to Be The Change NOW.