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Diana Krall Plaza
Nanaimo  British Columbia
October 15, 2011

Occupy Nanaimo

Nanaimo BC CA
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map marking the location of Occupy Nanaimo

We stand here in Solidarity with thousands of people around the world against Corporate Corruption and Greed. On September 17th New York answered a call from the Vancouver based organization Adbusters. Adbusters Called out to the people of New York to flood Wall St. and set up peaceful camps, kitchens, and began occupying public space. They initially called for 20,000 people but received much fewer. In the first weeks people started coming and answering the call to Wall St. They heard the message that It wasn’t ok for the vast Majority of people in the world to be struggling to get by when there were people who hoarded wealth. After over 700 people were arrested on the Brooklyn bridge people came in droves. Cites across the United States started Occupying, and since October 15th the world has joined the occupation movement.

We in Nanaimo are standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the globe. We are lending our voices to a cause that calls for equality and fairness among all of humanity. We are demanding that needs of humanity do not conflict with the needs of the natural environment. We believe that poverty and poor health can be abolished. We believe a better world is possible.

We will stand with the rest of the world, we will see this through till the end.

We are accepting Donations for community Benefit organizations in town. We encourage you bring Food, Books, Clothing, and Shoes to Donate

Please come and stand with us.