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Praça da Matriz
Praça Mal. Deodoro - Centro
90010-300  Porto Alegre  Rio Grande do Sul
November 11, 2011

Occupy Porto Alegre (Ocupa POA)

Porto Alegre RS BR
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map marking the location of Occupy Porto Alegre (Ocupa POA)

This is the 3rd camp, on Praça da Matriz since Dec 20th. We physically occupied this location until Apr 11th, 2012. We promoted assemblies, popular meetings, workshops, demonstrations. We occupied 24 hours a day and power, organic food and water were available. Sanitation was on site.
Before this, we had other two efforts, first one during from Nov 11th, 2011 to 13th at Largo Glênio Peres (also in Porto Alegre) and the second one from Dec 9th to 12th (in Praça da Matriz).