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Praça da Assembléia
  Belo Horizonte  Minas Gerais
October 15, 2011

Occupy Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte MG BR
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Carlos (not verified)

Quem toma conta desse OcupaBH, tá muito abandonado! O blog listado tá bloqueado com senha, o Twitter não existe. Tem alguém aí???

6/1/12 Searched and found additional information on Acampa BH and have added it to the listing. In Solidarity, Inga

Clessio (not verified)

It's true that our eletronic media has been off for some time but it's back now. Many of the links listed here are not directly related to the occupy movement "ocupaBH". Rather, they are related to the Anonymous cell that is very influent to us in our town, but not exclusive. Please consider updating our media contacts: www.ocupabh.org, www.flickr.com/ocupabh, www.facebook.com/ocupabh, @OcupaBH

map marking the location of Occupy Belo Horizonte