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Occupy Storefront
59 Railroad Avenue
Ronkonkoma  New York  11779
United States
January 8, 2012

Occupy Storefront

Ronkonkoma NY US
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Inga Jensen

This proposed listing appears to be more of a venue (meeting place for facilitation of Occupy efforts): https://www.facebook.com/occupystorefront/info

That said, Occupy Storefront has ongoing events and a physical location...please let's discuss this proposed listing...

Update, As the criteria has been met to consider this an "Occupation," it will be published.

map marking the location of Occupy Storefront

To recruit, educate, train, cultivate, mentor, and mobilize a cadre of citizen activists, by providing a brick and mortar, centrally located storefront, easily accessible by public transportation, available to all Occupy groups across Long Island, and those sympathetic to The Principles of Solidarity, for the purpose of teach-ins, meetings, dispersing information, making signs and posters and all other occupy related activities.

Yes, we are physically occupying this location
Occupying 24 hours a day
Power is available
Sanitation is on site