Occupy Directory

A public listing of occupation sites built by and for the Occupy movement.


The Occupy Directory began as public listing of all known Occupation sites built by and for the #Occupy movement. This expanded to include international movements also concerned with justice and equality. What began as listings mostly in the United States, grew to listings in over seventy (70) countries and every continent.

The aim of the Occupy Directory is to provide an easy and effective way for people to connect with one another and find entry points to engage with the world in a meaningful way.

This project relies on community participation. Everyone who has a stake in the data1 is empowered to help maintain it. Listings are added by the community (you). If your Occupation is not currently listed, you can sign up and add it.

We have a hybrid wiki content management model. Listings “own” their information and can update it at will. Anyone can send a notice for correction. A team of curators responds to corrections and frequently combs over listings new and old for accuracy.

Recently, we’ve implemented a fancy new search technology which, in addition to finding what we’re actually looking for blazingly fast, opens up exciting possibilities for granular filtering and proximity-based search.

The directory aims to be a service layer upon which anyone can build other apps. All our data is FREE and PUBLIC in a variety of formats.

  1. The directory data was instantiated from a manual merge of the data from a number of public sources from our partners and collaborators at occupytogether, wealloccupy, The Guardian, and many others